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Admissions Policy

The Admissions Policy is determined by ‘The School Admissions Code’ and ‘The Admissions Appeals Code’ written by the Department for Education (DfE). Both codes are available from

As a community special school Knowle DGE Learning Centre is also governed by the Local Authority (LA) admissions policy of Bristol City Council (BCC) and these procedures are followed prior to the acceptance of any pupil. Details are available from the Special Educational Needs (SEN) department of BCC.

Procedures and Protocol

  • All pupils admitted to the Learning Centre have a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or an Educational, Health, Care Plan (EHCP).
  • The Learning Centre accepts pupils with a wide range and complexity of need, including Social, Emotional and Mental Health, Moderate Learning Difficulties and pupils on the Autistic Spectrum and with Speech Language and communication needs.
  • The Governing Body of the Learning Centre will receive formal requests for placements from the LA. The Learning Centre will consider each pupil on their individual merits and with reference to relevant legislation to ensure we can meet their needs as defined by the statement/EHCP and that the Learning Centre has the space, staffing, capacity and resources to accommodate the pupil within its existing operational organisation.
  • Knowle DGE has different departments to meet the need types and ages of the young people, including an ASC department as well as a primary inclusion base at a partner mainstream schools
  • Parents, carers, prospective pupils, their teachers and supporting professionals are advised to visit the Learning Centre and are welcome to do so by prior appointment.
  • Learning Centre staff may visit the pupil’s school and will be accompanied by support as necessary.
  • The Learning Centre will offer taster visits, induction and individually negotiated transition packages depending upon pupil needs.